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Free OSINT Tools

Gather information from across the internet using these free open-source intelligence tools and bookmark collections.



Ready to try the world's leading OSINT platform? NexusXplore will help you to find, analyze and act.

Filter your results

Select one or more topics and tool types to filter results.

A resource to help you analyse open-source content for authenticity using a selection of OSINT tools and techniques.

Search prominent alt-tech (non-mainstream) social media platforms including Parler, Gab, Minds, BitChute, Rumble and more.

Curated list of bookmarks for OSINT activities. They are broken down into 4 categories - search engines, services lists, leak sites and chat/file sharing.

Curated bookmark list categorised by area and event monitoring, person of interest search, corporate profiling, mapping, AI, intelligence analysis, reporting tools, collective tools, cryptocurrency, country specific, verification and fact-checking.

Use this OSINT tool to analyse Reddit posts. Enter the post URL to get a downloadable file which outlines comment metadata like time, timezone and username, plus sentiment ranking.

Rapidly turn local CSV files into simple data visualization in your browser without third-party tools. Visualize data like Twitter friends lists or domain enumeration data to identify common connections.

Use this OSINT tool to find usernames across many websites.

Simultaneously view multiple areas on Snapchat to create efficiencies in your intelligence gathering. This tool uses the embed feature provided by Snapchat.

See what the most popular social media platforms are in various countries. Platform popularity courtesy of Hootsuite & We Are Social data.

Find images on Instagram by date at particular locations. This tool makes searching easier and more efficient.

Search usernames and hashtags on TikTok via a browser. All results take the user to the source on the website or are provided as a Google search result.

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