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Help make the world a safer place.

OSINT Combine is a veteran-operated business that develops enduring open-source intelligence capability within organizations by providing leading OSINT software and training around the globe.


We were founded in 2019 by Chris Poulter.  After years of operational service with the Australian Defence Force, including working closely with allied forces, Chris came to appreciate the critical mission need for open-source intelligence capability to meet the modern day data challenge.  Fast forward 5 years, OSINT Combine has grown into an international team serving over 20 countries with staff located across Australia, United States, United Kingdom and Europe.


Our team has a long and distinguished history of service within the military, national security, law enforcement and corporate intelligence  communities.


We have successfully delivered our leading OSINT software platform, NexusXplore, along with advanced OSINT training around the world to government organisations including national intelligence agencies, tri-service military, local & federal law enforcement through to private sector organisations including Fortune 500 and ASX 200 companies to solve complex mission requirements, such as counter-terrorism, fraud, combatting organized crime, counter-human trafficking & anti-slavery, through to business due-diligence & personnel protection.


We also pride ourselves on our strong philanthropic efforts to counter-human trafficking and stopping child abuse through supporting a large number of non-profits to provide tangible outputs.

OSINT Combine


Client Success Stories

Hear What Our Clients Say

"Phenomenal technology"

"I wish I had this available to me years ago"

NATO Allied Law Enforcement & Defense

"OSINT Combine is consistently viewed as a trusted & genuine company when it comes to delivering OSINT capability globally, which is becoming harder to find as more companies enter the market"

FIVE EYES Government Representative

"I only recommend NexusXplore to my network, there is nothing else like it"

Private Consultant for Government Industries

"A very impressive course. I gained a great deal of information"

FIVE EYES Government Analyst

"Engaging, experienced and knowledgeable"

FIVE EYEYS Government Analyst

"Fantastic course and gave really practical skills that I can apply to my profession and research"

FIVE EYES Government Analyst

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