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Critical infrastructure risk

It is vital for organizations to do everything they can to prevent compromise of critical infrastructure by internal and external threats. This is a challenging task given the complex landscape of critical infrastructure operations across Australia. By incorporating open-source intelligence (OSINT) into Critical Infrastructure Risk Management Programs (CIRMPs), operators can:  
- Obtain intelligence about vulnerable people and systems, and understand threat actor Tactic, Techniques and Procedures (TTPs) to manage cyber security hazards.  

  • Conduct fast and effective screening of personnel to help manage personnel security hazards.  

  • Identify entities subject to foreign government control within supply chains to assist in the management of modern supply chain hazards.  

  • Identify threats and vulnerabilities to access management and asset protection across a range of physical terrains and operations.

  • In a crisis situation conduct real-time monitoring, to identify and track emerging threats, and manage hazards to life and property.

This whitepaper is intended for critical infrastructure operators and security personnel. It contains analysis of real-world scenarios to demonstrate the practical application of OSINT and how it may be used to inform the complex task of securing Australia’s critical infrastructure assets. 

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