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Speed to Insights

NexusXplore is an all-in-one, AI-enabled, investigation agnostic software platform built by intelligence industry experts at OSINT Combine.

NexusXplore optimizes analyst workflows and enhances a professional’s ability to swiftly illuminate insights, supporting intelligence production and threat detection in a low-attribution environment.

The platform provides advanced search and collection capabilities across the surface, deep and dark webs in a single user interface. It delivers speed to insight from collection to intelligence output by seamlessly combining thousands of commercially and publicly available datasets in a secure, browser-based ecosystem – all you need is an internet connection.

A critical tool for all analysts and decision makers.

Open source intelligence

Continually monitor the surface, deep and dark web for content relevant to your mission requirements. Use analytical tools to understand patterns & identify threats ahead of time.


​Pivot around data with ease to connect the dots and derive context fast. Built with the analyst workflow in mind, NexusXplore lets you go deeper to reveal hidden information.

We value client-search privacy and pride ourselves on ensuring what you search for is private to you.


​Spend less time collecting, more time analyzing with our advanced search capabilities across an unmatch level of data sources.


Advanced Capabilities

Access to comprehensive social media data, forums, messaging services and more from western/non-western sources

Rich Social Media

Point-in-time, point-on-map feature pulling geographic-specific content including the latest satellite imagery, social media, news, radio stations, air and marine traffic, location signals data and more

Geospatial Intelligence

Rapid visualization of platform or user-important data points.
First-line tool for cross-platform social network analysis and pattern recognition

Visual Analysis

Search names, emails, phone numbers, IP and physical addresses, usernames and breached credentials

Cyber Toolbox

Access over 8+ billion public/person records

Public Records

Access to 400+ million company records globally including ownership, trade & assets

Corporate Records

Safe and secure in-platform access to dark web content from 2014 and access to the TOR network via a non-attributable, secure browser for safe, live, dark
web access

Dark Web

Aggregate and ingest country and travel information
from dozens of sources in seconds with robust reporting, saving an analyst hours
or days of collection efforts

Country & Travel Briefs

Find research papers and patents across western/non-western sources to stay informed about the latest in science and technology developments globally

Grey Literature


Browse the wider internet safely with our embedded managed attribution system, putting the analyst in control & reducing the requirement for complex infrastructure

Safe Research Portal

The intelligence advantage...
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