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World-class OSINT training programs

An extensive portfolio of open-source intelligence training supporting professionals at every stage of their career.

Training formats



Instructor Led
Interactve Digital Trainig
On-demand training

Discover self-paced learning with our on-demand training. Gain one-year access to an extensive array of training videos and practical activities designed to develop competent and efficient OSINT practitioners.


This format offers flexibility and convenience, increases productivity, and reduces costs and time. 

OSINT Foundations + Social Media 

Dive into the essentials of OSINT with our foundational course. Learn efficient search methods, information collection, and the risks in the online environment.

Illuminating the Dark Web and Cryptocurrency

Dive deep into the dark web and learn to safely access, monitor, and investigate Tor and other dark nets and become proficient in navigating it's depths securely.

On Demand Training

Let's talk open-source intelligence

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