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OSINT Bookmark Stack

Curated bookmark list categorized by area and event monitoring, person of interest search, corporate profiling, mapping, AI, intelligence analysis, reporting tools, collective tools, cryptocurrency, country specific, verification and fact-checking.

Download OSINT Bookmarks

The ZIP file in the paperclip icon contains a curated list of bookmarks that are useful for OSINT activities.


They are broken down into appropriate categories such as:

  • area and event monitoring

  • person of interest search

  • corporate profiling

  • mapping

  • artificial intelligence

  • intelligence analysis

  • reporting tools

  • collective tools

  • cryptocurrency

  • country specific

  • verification and fact-checking.

The file is designed to be imported into your existing bookmarks manager (Chrome or Firefox) using the following method:

  1. Download (click on the paperclip icon) and unzip the file. You will end up with bookmarks.html.

  2. Go to Bookmarks Manager (3 dots in top right of Chrome).

  3. Click the 3 dots in top right again and select Import Bookmarks and select the file bookmarks.html from where you unzipped it.

  4. The OSINT Stack will be a folder in bookmarks manager. Drag it to your Bookmarks Toolbar or wherever you feel comfortable accessing the bookmarks.

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