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The OSINT Redbook: Investigating with the Chinese Internet

Gaining practical expertise in navigating and analysing the unique landscape of the Chinese internet is more crucial than ever.

Demystify the unique features of the Chinese internet

Censorship and ICT Regulations

Language nuances and translation challenges

Societal interactions and online platforms 


OSINT Techniques to Conduct Investigations

Navigating the complexities of international relations with China requires an in-depth understanding of its unique digital landscape. With its growing influence on the global stage, learning about China's digital ecosystem is vital to making informed assessments about its interests and intentions. This course aims to provide this insight.

The course demystifies the unique features of the Chinese internet, and by participating in this course, students will delve into these distinctive attributes and learn how to effectively use OSINT tools and techniques to collect and analyse data in this environment.

Key learning objectives

Understand the unique characteristics of the Chinese internet and the geopolitical and cultural forces that shape it.

Understand and interpret how the unique operating environment of the Chinese internet determines the choice and use of OSINT tools and techniques.

Develop and implement effective methodologies for collecting, verifying, and analysing data gathered from the Chinese internet.

Identify key areas of the Chinese internet rich in corporate, academic, and science and technology-related content.

Learn and apply techniques for using Chinese search engines, satellite imagery, knowledge databases, and government information repositories.

Understand, apply, and evaluate best practices for operating safely and securely within China’s digital space.

Who is it for?

The OSINT Redbook: Investigating with the Chinese Internet is designed for a diverse range of professionals who interact with China's interests and activities, seeking to deepen their understanding and enhance their investigative capabilities. This includes:

Intelligence and law enforcement professionals investigating and reporting on China-related issues.

Journalists and media professionals tracking and covering emerging trends and events within China.

Educators developing resources and strategies to assist students in becoming informed and responsible consumers of foreign language information.

Policy makers in government and non-governmental organisations focused on enhancing internal security and resilience.

Financial sector operators and businesses with Chinese equities, partnerships, and investments looking to better understand their implications.

What our Students Say

This was such a great training course. Very engaging and the instructors were excellent communicators, and very knowledgeable about the subject matter.
Senior Analyst, Industry

Format and Cost

A three-day, instructor-led course emphasising practical, hands-on activities. Given the interactive nature of the course, we limit group sizes to 12 participants. This ensures personalised attention and optimizes learning outcomes. We also provide course resources and further reading to augment classroom learning and support ongoing professional development.

This course is built on a modular and customisable framework, enabling organisations to tailor the training to their specific needs. 

Please contact the training team for availabilities and costs. 

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