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Collect, analyse and report in a single, secure platform


Ready to try the world's leading OSINT platform?

OSINT Combine derives high quality raw data in seconds supporting the complete intelligence cycle in a single interface.


Our platform is an essential tool for intelligence analysts, researchers, investigators, security teams and others responsible for crisis monitoring, executive and brand protection, mis-disinformation research, and geopolitical risk assessment.

Used and trusted by federal law enforcement, national security agencies, global banks and Fortune 500s around the world. 

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Open-source intelligence tool built by intelligence analysts, for intelligence analysts

The NexusXplore Advantage

Surface, deep and dark web

Our Platform minimises attribution and protects your interests across surface, deep and dark web.


Persistently monitor & collect for your intelligence requirements through keywords, locations and tailorable sources.



Find people, locations, events and organisations with ease.

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Use our fully integrated case management platform so you can process & analyse information to reach intelligence outputs.



Rapidly unpack, pivot and interrogate data to find hidden leads. We support over 100+ languages.

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Client Privacy

Client side execution with no stored data.


NexusXplore is the leading open-source intelligence platform to conduct advanced investigations and enhance efficiencies in the collection and analysis of publicly available information through a single interface across surface, deep and dark web.


NexusAware provides open source intelligence at the fingertips of first responders and field personnel working in complex environments using artificial intelligence in the palm of your hand.

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