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SOF Week


We are excited to announce that OSINT Combine has joined us as a proud sponsor for the upcoming SOF Week Social! Their Founder and CEO, Chris Poulter, will not only sponsor but also participate as a panelist as we delve deeper into emerging ISR Tech.

As a veteran with over a decade of service in the Australian Defence Force, Chris will take the stage as part of an expert panel discussing the transformative role of Generative AI in intelligence operations today. With AI rapidly reshaping our interaction with data, understanding its impact is crucial for the future of intelligence and security.

🚀 Panel Highlight: "AI for OSINT - Beyond the Horizon" Generative AI is revolutionizing tasks like image analysis, tool creation, geo-spatial processing, and reporting. In an age of deep-fakes and synthetic media, the irreplaceable value of human critical thinking becomes more important than ever. Join Chris as he explores the evolving landscape of AI in OSINT, highlighting the synergy between advanced technologies and human insight.

👉 Don't miss this chance to gain valuable insights from Chris Poulter and other top experts in the field. Register today to be part of this exclusive social event and explore the future of intelligence operations together!

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