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OSINT Combine & Seerist Partnership


OSINT Combine and Seerist partner to deliver comprehensive threat and risk intelligence solution to clients.


Combining NexusXplore’s advanced search capabilities and Seerist’s innovative insight-driven threat and risk intelligence, users get more data and analysis to protect their operations and people better.


OSINT Combine, globally recognised as a premier OSINT training and software provider (NexusXplore), is thrilled to announce a new partnership, with Seerist Federal, part of Seerist Inc., the leading threat and risk intelligence solution for security and intelligence professionals.


“NexusXplore allows users to find and explore people, places, and information across surface, deep, and dark web. Seerist complements this work with its use of AI and impressive network of localised analysts who can apply on-the-ground geopolitical insight and knowledge of data uncovered by both of our technologies,” said Chris Poulter, Founder and CEO, OSINT Combine.” With threats posed to national security ever more fluid, complex, voluminous and volatile, a partnership and integration like this couldn’t come at a better time. “Alone Seerist Federal and OSINT Combine are powerful tools. Together their benefits are magnified.”


"Our partnership with NexusXplore will unlock new possibilities for our collective users. By combining Seerist’s robust threat and risk intelligence data and analysis with NexusXplore’s powerful exploration tools and content, we are creating an ecosystem that will empower our users to navigate global threats and risks with unprecedented clarity and confidence,” said John Goolgasian, president Seerist Federal. “This collaboration is not just about integrating two platforms; it’s about weaving together two visions for a safer and more secure world.” 


Why the partnership works

This partnership is built on a strong foundation of shared values, which are at the core of both of our organisations.  Our mutual commitment to making the world a safer place by enabling organizations to extract meaningful threat intelligence they need, when they need it, drives our common vision for the future of this relationship and integration.


OSINT Combine has a proven track record of developing robust OSINT capabilities within strategic organizations globally, offering advanced training and software solutions to government entities such as national intelligence agencies, tri-service military units, local and federal law enforcement agencies, as well as private sector organizations including Fortune 500 and ASX 200 companies.


Seerist Federal has been one of the leading providers of AI-driven threat and risk intelligence to governments for the past seven years. It is shifting the traditional approach of monitoring and assessing the operational environment through the forecasting of potential threat events and providing the insight to empower intelligence, threat, and security professionals to make informed decisions in the ever-evolving landscape of national security. With tools like sentiment and emotion charting, hotspot identification, along with regional, country and county-level stability indicators, Seerist is enabling government agencies to comprehensively prepare for threat events.


The two offerings work in synchronicity, allowing joint users to use NexusXplore to collect and analyze vast amounts of publicly available data, while leveraging Seerist's AI technology and expert human analysis to forecast potential threats and make informed decisions. 


About OSINT Combine

OSINT Combine is committed to the innovation of open-source intelligence by providing leading edge technology solutions and unparalleled expertise. Our mission is to develop enduring open source intelligence capability within strategically orientated organizations, and are trusted by federal law enforcement, national security agencies, global banks, ASX 200 and Fortune 500 companies worldwide.


For more information, visit or email us at


About Seerist

Seerist, Inc. enables global corporations, governments, and organizations to navigate a volatile and uncertain world by preparing them for potential events that could be highly disruptive to their operations. Seerist is the first augmented analytics solution for risk and threat analysis, delivers greater levels of accuracy and relevance than any alternative technology or service. It combines cutting-edge artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) technology parsing millions of data points with human analysis drawing on decades of insight enabling users to better predict what will happen allowing them to make rapid, strategic and reliable decisions when it matters most. To learn more, visit

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