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Today at SANS OSINT Summit, OSINT Combine CEO and Founder, Chris Poulter, explored the impact of artificial intelligence, including generative AI, on open-source intelligence (OSINT) workflows.


If you couldn't make the session, here's what you missed:


  • AI for OSINT has already come a long way in a short time. It is important to stay attuned & edified to developments in this space as fundamental behaviours for how we interact with data are changing rapidly.

  • In the future, practitioners will leverage generative AI techniques increasingly for tasks like image analysis, creating their own OSINT tools, geo-spatial processing, and reporting.

  • AI will not replace the need for analysts - they're more important than ever! Strong critical thinking and analysis skills are where you add value. AI should be seen as a tool to support your work - explore how it can help you find efficiencies, streamline workflows, and delegate some of the grunt work.

  • The rapid evolution of deep-fakes is something that should be on everyone's mind. Convincing voice cloning, video and image generation pose opportunities for bad actors that all sectors need to be prepared for.

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