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Darkweb Bookmark Stack

Curated list of bookmarks for OSINT activities. They are broken down into 4 categories - search engines, services lists, leak sites and chat/file sharing.

Download Dark Web OSINT Bookmarks

The file above is a ZIP which contains a curated list of bookmarks that are usefulf or OSINT activities. They are broken down into appropriate categories such as:

  • Search Engines

  • Services Lists

  • Leak Sites (to monitor if yours or your organisations information may be exposed)

  • Chat & File Sharing

The file is designed to be imported into your TOR bookmarks manager (you need TOR browser installed) using the following method:

  1. Download & Unzip the file above. You will end up with bookmarks-tor.html

  2. Go to Bookmarks-> Manage Bookmarks (CTRL+SHIFT+O or navigate from the top-right menu in the TOR browser)

  3. The categories will be folders in the bookmarks manager. Drag it to your Bookmarks Toolbar or wherever you feel comfortable accessing the bookmarks.

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