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Help make the world a safer place

We are committed to the innovation of open source intelligence and enhancing our clients' capabilities through leading edge technology solutions and unparalleled expertise.

Mission focused technology and comprehensive training offerings empowering analysts with the ability to develop raw data and information into finished, actionable intelligence. 

What drives us

Our mission is to develop enduring open source intelligence capability within strategically orientated organisations

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Understanding Supply Chain Risk

OSINT represents a low cost and highly effective capability for governments and private enterprise seeking to visualise supply chains and risk.


The Other Dark


This post explains what some of the "other dark nets" are such as I2P, Lokinet & Freenet, and the types of content & threats you may find on those dark nets beyond TOR.


NexusXplore Overview

Find and investigate people, places, companies and events from all corners of the internet using a single user-friendly interface supported by artificial intelligence.

OSINT Combine is an Australian veteran-operated small business that specialises in open source intelligence (OSINT) training, software and services.  Our staff have an extensive background in Military and Law Enforcement training and operations both in Australia and the US. 


We have successfully delivered advanced OSINT training and software globally to government organisations including national intelligence agencies, tri-service military, local and federal law enforcement through to private sector organisations including Fortune 500 & ASX 200 companies.

We pride ourselves on delivering the most advanced and relevant training available which aims to stay ahead of the competition by delivering world class open source intelligence programs and software solutions.

Beyond our work in training, services and software - we are heavily involved in humanitarian and philanthropic efforts globally, supporting organizations like the National Child Protection Task Force,  All Things Possible Skull Games, the Australian National Missing Persons Hackathon.

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