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About OSINT Combine

We are an Australian veteran-operated small business that specialises in open-source intelligence (OSINT) training, software and services.

Why work with us

We understand your work

Our staff have extensive experience in military and law enforcement training and operations in Australia, the US and Europe. This means we can enhance clients' capabilities based on unparallelled insight. 

We help make the world a safer place 

We do this work because we care about the outcomes the OSINT community can achieve together. Beyond offering training and services, we're heavily involved in humanitarian and philanthropic efforts globally, supporting organisations like the National Child Protection Task Force, All Things Possible, Skull Games, and the Australian National Missing Persons Hackathon. 


We offer total intelligence solutions

Our courses, combined with our mission-focused technology empower analysts to take raw data and information and develop it into finished, actionable intelligence. 

We're trusted partners 

Our training and software are trusted by government (including military and intelligence agencies), law enforcement, security agencies, Fortune 500 and ASX 200 companies and banks worldwide.

We're constantly innovating

We're committed to innovate the tooling and education available to OSINT practitioners so that they can find, analyse and act on the information they need.  


What drives us

Our mission is to develop enduring open-source intelligence capability within strategically oriented organisations. 

What we're doing in the OSINT community

AFCEA TechNet Indo-Pacific 2023

Visit us at Tabletop M16 at TechNet Indo-Pacific!

GSOF Symposium Europe 2023

OSINT Combine exhibiting at GSOF Europe 2023!

Indo Pacific 2023

Visit us at Indo Pacific 2023!

OSINT for Good: Skull Games '23

Tackling real world problems with open-source intelligence

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