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Find, analyse and act using open source information

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Australian OSINT Symposium 2023

We are currently working on securing some amazing speakers and are now also calling upon the OSINT community to share your experience and knowledge at this year’s conference by submitting your presentation proposal. No matter whether you are an independent consultant, an OSINT professional, a blogger, OSINT enthusiast or investigator – we would love to hear from you!


at our core

We build innovative and mission focused technology to enable analyst efficiency saving time and money. 

Experience in our DNA

We are veteran operated.  Our Team have extensive backgrounds in military, law enforcement, national security training and operations both domestically and internationally.  We leverage that experience to develop our technology and training. 

Trusted Partner

Our mission is to develop enduring open source intelligence capability within strategic organisations through partnership. 

We partner with industry exemplars to ensure our Customers have access to the best data and technology. 

We dedicated time and resources to organisations that make the world a safer place.

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What we deliver

Mission focussed technology

Our products save you time and money and allow you to make more informed decisions.

  • Less time collecting, more time analysing and synthesising


  • Reduce capability redundancies

  • Enable analyst efficiency by providing real-time open source information collection through a single interface.​

  • Empowering analysts with the ability to develop raw information into finished intelligence.

Comprehensive training offerings

We teach proven methodology for achieving repeatable success.

We help you define the why, what and how to achieve your objectives and mission success in the world of open source intelligence.

OSINT Combine courses are designed and delivered by experts with years working in special operations, military and law enforcement environments.


We believe in training you to walk away knowing how to achieve your task with confidence.

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Understanding Supply Chain risk

OSINT represents a low cost and highly effective capability for governments and private enterprise seeking to visualise supply chains and risk.


The other dark


This post explains what some of the "other dark nets" are such as I2P, Lokinet & Freenet, and the types of content & threats you may find on those dark nets beyond TOR.


NexusXplore overview

Find and investigate people, places, companies and events from all corners of the internet using a single user-friendly interface supported by artificial intelligence.

Let's talk open source intelligence

Contact Us
OSINT Combine

Level 14, 183 Macquarie Street

Sydney  NSW  2000

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