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An extensive portfolio of open source intelligence training supporting professionals at every stage of their career.

OSINT Online Academy

  • Comprehensive, up-to-date techniques

  • Online, self paced

  • Leading instructors

Mission Specific Courses

  • One full day (or two ½ day) courses 

  • In-depth focus on:

    • Corporate Profiling

    • Area and Event Monitoring 

    • Disinformation Investigations

    • SOCMINT exploitation in depth

    • Sock Puppets

Advanced OSINT Course

  • Instructor-led 5 day course

  • All-encompassing OSINT course

  • Delivered at set dates bi-yearly

  • Available to individuals

OSINT Foundations, Attribution & Tradecraft

  • Instructor-led 1 day course

  •  Develop a fundamental understanding of the process of developing raw information into finished intelligence   

  • Delivered at set dates bi-yearly

  • Available to individuals

Advanced Tailored Courses

  • Custom-made & designed training for organisations

  • Combining modules and practical activities from our entire course portfolio

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