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The Art of Open Source

Intelligence Analysis

Intelligence analysis is necessary for creating decision advantage.

Intelligence analysis is necessary for supporting policies and planning.

Intelligence analysis is necessary for providing threat warnings.

Intelligence analysis is necessary for reducing uncertainty and risk.

Intelligence analysis is necessary for maximising opportunity.

Develop your team’s intellectual firepower and enable them to go beyond the collection of information and learn how to interpret, derive meaning and actionable insights from a variety of open sources.


Each phase of the course is practical, and designed to challenge experienced analysts, promote teamwork, and encourage the voices of junior analysts.


This is a course without the need for computers, and one that enables participants to think deeply, creatively and purposefully to better reach the strategic objectives of their organisation.


Participants will be introduced to principles of intelligence analysis in an open-source context, applicable to business and government. They will also learn about the role and purpose of open-source intelligence and how the processing and analysis of information becomes intelligence​.


The course will also teach participants how to:

  • identify and evaluate sources of information​

  • think critically about intelligence and business problems​

  • identify and apply appropriate structured analytical techniques to best address those problems.


The course is only available to be delivered in-person by our very experienced staff coming from Australia’s National Intelligence Community and is designed around a 4-day curriculum.

Learn, or enhance intelligence analysis capability

knowledge (1).png

Identify and evaluate sources of information

Magnifying glass (1).png

Identify and apply structured analytical techniques

Think critically about intelligence and business problems

Our Training Team

The OSINT Combine training team is led by our Head of Training, Jacob Hunter.


Jacob held several roles at Victoria Police including Victim Identification Specialist with the Joint Anti Child Exploitation Team, and he was a Senior Instructor of Open-Source Investigations. Jacob begun his intelligence career in the Australian Army.

Jemma is our Senior OSINT Training Specialist, with extensive experience as an intelligence analyst, and has held various cyber roles in the intelligence community. Jemma has delivered OSINT training and development for several Australian Government Agencies.

Kylie is a Senior Intelligence Specialist in the Training team. She has over 15 years experience in the Australian Defence and Intelligence Communities, and has held Senior Executive roles in Intelligence and Cyber. As an analyst, Kylie worked across multiple target-sets including China, South-East Asia,
Counter-Terrorism, Counter-People Smuggling, Iraq and Afghanistan.

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