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OSINT for Good at Skull Games 2023

We’re immensely proud to have been part of the ninth annual Skull Games, held in Louisiana on October 14-15. Skull Games is a quarterly event that helps to combat sex trafficking by bringing together open-source intelligence professionals to tackle real-world problems.


Private and public sector volunteers use their skills to help identify victims and perpetrators of sexual exploitation, and other Persons of Interest. Using publicly available information, the teams work generate leads that law enforcement can follow up on to break cycles of abuse.  

Team of intelligence specialists at Skull Games October 2023

The collective expertise at Skull Games is unbeatable – volunteers include veterans, survivors, law enforcement officers, private security and investigators, educators, and advocates.  

At the October 2023 event, OSINT Combine’s Tabitha Phalin and Kellen Schollaert were part of the 103 “hunters” that helped to identify 61 victims of sex trafficking, and 24 persons of interest.  

Tabitha said “Being involved in Skull Games is an honour and privilege because we’re helping vulnerable individuals and fighting injustice. We’re serving the community in the best way we know – by sharing our OSINT expertise.”  

Chris Poulter, OSINT Combine Founder and CEO, said “We’re big supporters of Skull Games. As a strongly family-oriented company, we take great pride in leveraging OSINT to contribute to changing lives now and educating generations to come.” 

OSINT Combine is committed to participating in Skull Games and other OSINT for good causes.  

Skull Games October 2023 stats.png
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