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Resources and Learning

Alongside our platform NexusXplore, and a wide range of open-source intelligence courses, we have a long list of accessible resources to help enhance your OSINT capability - at no cost.  


OSINT Combine's Training and Tradecraft Team are writing up a range of topics for our OSINT Blog. The team cover topics from information collection to intelligence analysis, and often link in with our monthly 'Tools and Techniques' (TATs) Webinar. 


Our blog is completely tool-agnostic, and an opportunity for us to share information ​and tradecraft with OSINT professionals and those that are in the business of doing  #OSINTforGood. ​

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Our fourth annual OSINT Symposium in September in 2023 is coming quickly. If you want to watch previous presentations to warm up for this year,  we something for you.  


Did you miss our TATs session or another webinar? These are here too!


Navigate to our online OSINT Training Academy, and look out for Webinars and Presentations: An OSINT Knowledge Library.


It is free to sign up (all you need is an email address) and you can watch and learn from our partners and leaders in the wider OSINT Community. 


OSINT Combine are leaders in OSINT software and training, and based on our experience and industry perspective, we can offer unique guidance, encourage discussion and inspire innovation.


To understand various topics is depth, and how OSINT can better support the mission set, the team have written and published a series of Thought Leadership papers on various topics such as 'Understanding Supply Chain Risk with OSINT'.

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