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Eyes in the dark: OSINT and counter-human trafficking

Alisa Gbiorczyk


Headshot of Alisa Gbiorczyk

In this episode

Content warning: This episode of Open Secret contains references to themes of human trafficking, sex trafficking, sexual exploitation of children, abuse, and violence which some individuals may find distressing.   

Alisa Gbiorczyk is an indomitable figure in the counter-human trafficking world. A self-described “hunter”, she has dedicated her life to tracking down perpetrators and working with law enforcement to disrupt criminal networks. 

In this episode of Open Secret, Alisa shares with Kylie and Jane the challenges and triumphs of combating this global issue. As an open-source intelligence practitioner, trainer, and certified human trafficking investigator, she explores the challenges of working with explicit content and offers practical tips for protecting yourself and others online. 

Listen to find out why Alisa thinks everyone has a part to play in dismantling human trafficking networks, supporting survivors, and advocating for change. And how OSINT helps her do what she does best – hunting.

Show notes 

Open Secret is recorded on the lands of the Kabi Kabi people. OSINT Combine acknowledges Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples as the First Australians and Traditional Custodians of the land where we live, work, and learn.

Open Secret is an OSINT Combine podcast, produced by TributePod.

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