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OSINT Combine at OSMOSISCon 2023

15th - 17th October 2023

OSINT Combine is proud to be involved in OSMOSISCon 2023, a key event on the open-source intelligence (OSINT) calendar.

Our mission is to develop enduring open-source intelligence capability within partner organizations that are making the world safer. This aligns neatly with OSMOSISCon’s mission to educate and train cyber intelligence investigators, researchers, reporters, and analysts on OSINT and SOCMINT techniques and best practices.


Make sure you watch:

  • Chris Poulter, our Founder and CEO, showcasing the strength of our OSINT tool, NexusXplore (Sunday, Oct 15).

  • Jane Van Tienan, our Executive VP of Operations, hosting a speed networking event about perception problems in OSINT (Monday, Oct 16).

  • Chris Poulter explaining how to build enduring OSINT capabilities without breaking the budget. Intelligence professionals are increasingly being asked to do more with less – learn how you can handle resourcing constraints without sacrificing the quality and rigour of your output (Tuesday, Oct 17).

You'll also find OSINT luminaries Tabitha Phalin, David Wallach and Kellen Schollaert at the OSINT Combine stall every day of the conference. Ask them for help solving big OSINT problems, and a demo of the NexusXplore platform.


See the full agenda on the OSMOSISCon website.

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