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Training For Organisations

OSINT Combine Academy

World Leading Knowledge in the Open-Source Intelligence Collection and Analysis

Access to on-demand training videos and practical activities for one year.

This type of training is perfect for developing your people over time to graduate as competent and efficient OSINT practitioners, with access to an extensive list of resources. 

The OSINT Combine Academy provides several benefits to learners and organisations.

Learn at your own pace

Time is precious so have the flexibility to learn when it suits



Tools and techniques to collect open-source information without cost



Refer back when an OSINT challenge arises



Where to find information to support your mission

Learn Collection Methodology

Proven methodologies to create repeatable success

Analysis and Reporting

Analyse the information and derive meaning to produce actionable intelligence

We currently offer foundational and advanced OSINT training** as well as courses from our Mission Specific Training (MST) series which include:

  • Disinformation: Detecting, Collecting and Analysing

  • Illuminating the Dark Web and Cryptocurrency.

The training is delivered by the Teachable Learning Management System (LMS).

Please contact us at if you have any questions.

**Please note some of our enrolment periods are six months. All modules in the OSINT Fundamentals + Social Media Course are within the Advanced OSINT Course.

Our Training Team

The OSINT Combine training team is led by our Head of Training, Jacob Hunter.


Jacob held several roles at Victoria Police including Victim Identification Specialist with the Joint Anti Child Exploitation Team, and he was a Senior Instructor of Open-Source Investigations. Jacob begun his intelligence career in the Australian Army.

Jemma is our Senior OSINT Training Specialist, with extensive experience as an intelligence analyst, and has held various cyber roles in the intelligence community. Jemma has delivered OSINT training and development for several Australian Government Agencies.

Kylie is a Senior Intelligence Specialist in the Training team. She has over 15 years experience in the Australian Defence and Intelligence Communities, and has held Senior Executive roles in Intelligence and Cyber. As an analyst, Kylie worked across multiple target-sets including China, South-East Asia,
Counter-Terrorism, Counter-People Smuggling, Iraq and Afghanistan.

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