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OSINT Foundations

Internet Research and Investigation Skills (IRIS) Course

Designed for people and organisations that are beginning their OSINT journey or looking for new tips and tricks. This course highlights how to investigate people, places, and things within the online environment. Over two days, you will learn key concepts and skills in OSINT, including efficient searching, data reduction and verification. The key learning outcomes for the course include:

- Introduction to the Intelligence Cycle

- Online Attribution Awareness and Application (online footprint)

- How to activate search engines (incl. Google Dorking)

- Searching Images (Analysis & Reverse Image Searching)

- Username and Email Correlation

- Introduction to passively investigate main stream social media platforms

Our Training Team

The OSINT Combine training team is led by our Head of Training, Jacob Hunter.


Jacob held several roles at Victoria Police including Victim Identification Specialist with the Joint Anti Child Exploitation Team, and he was a Senior Instructor of Open-Source Investigations. Jacob began his intelligence career in the Australian Army.

Jemma is our Senior OSINT Training Specialist, with extensive experience as an intelligence analyst, and has held various cyber roles in the intelligence community. Jemma has delivered OSINT training and development for several Australian Government Agencies.

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