OSINT Foundations, Attribution & Tradecraft 

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OSINT is the collection and analysis of publicly available information to obtain knowledge for a desired objective​.


In this one day course, we will discuss this statement in detail and how it relates to the Intelligence Cycle. We will educate participants the role of OSINT, its limitations, moral and ethical conduct and how to employ critical thinking techniques. We will develop a fundamental understanding of the process of developing raw information into finished intelligence for improved intelligence fusion, decision making and intelligence-led operations.  

During our foundational one-day course, we will also introduce topics related to Information Communication Technology (ICT) and develop an understanding how OSINT attribution occurs (identifying the person behind an account) and how we can apply virtual machines, virtual private networks, and other tools to improve operational security and day-to-day efficiency. Specific topics include understanding data collection, different browsers, browser extensions, and curating OSINT bookmarks.  

This course is designed for participants that are starting their OSINT journey and have limited experience in intelligence operations.  


Our Trainer

Jacob Hunter is the Head of Training and Tradecraft at OSINT Combine. Jacob was previously employed by Victoria Police and a member of the Joint Anti Child Exploitation Team, in Melbourne Victoria. Here, Jacob worked as a Victim Identification Specialist. This work was very investigative focussed with a large portion of the work involving OSINT to locate and identify victims and offenders. Jacob's previous roles included being a Senior Instructor of Open Source Investigations at Victoria Police, and five years service with the Australian Army.