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Let us help you define the why, what and how, to achieve your objectives.

OSINT Combine courses are designed and delivered by experts with years working in special operations, military, government and law enforcement environments.

Your organisation's open-source intelligence needs and objectives are unique, so we offer a range of options for courses. You can choose to:

  • complete one-off, stand-alone courses tailored to your company's situation

  • build your own course based on a selection of modules we offer.

​We are excited to collaborate with you to create bespoke packages to ensure your needs are met and your people are equipped to fulfil your organisation’s mission.

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Want to see how NexusXplore could be used in your line of work? Book a demo to find out. 

Not sure which OSINT tools or training are right for your organisation? Chat to our team about how we can help you achieve your outcomes. 

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