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Open-source information is your most powerful asset if you can harness it. Streamline research and collection for teams of 5-30+ users. 

NexusXplore offers you:

  • Unparalleled data acquisition: Scour countless data sources – social media, dark web, public records, financial databases – and gather critical intelligence on competitors, markets, threats and more.

  • Automated intelligence gathering: Say goodbye to tedious manual searches so your team's time and resources are used where they're most effective.

  • Advanced relationship mapping: Visualize connections between people, companies, and events. Uncover hidden networks and patterns that traditional intelligence methods miss.

  • Real-time threat detection: Monitor the web for mentions of your brand, industry trends, and potential risks. React proactively and mitigate reputational damage before it happens

  • Streamlined workflow: NexusXplore interface lets you curate, analyze, and visualize data with ease. Build complex investigations, track trends in real-time, and uncover hidden connections – all in one platform.

Let us help with the gathering so your team can do the sense-making. 

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Want to see how NexusXplore could be used in your line of work? Book a demo to find out. 

Not sure which OSINT tools or training are right for your organisation? Chat to our team about how we can help you achieve your outcomes. 

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