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Collect, analyse and report in a single, secure platform.

The open-source intelligence platform built by intelligence analysts, for intelligence analysts.

Ready to try the world's leading OSINT platform? NexusXplore will help you to find, analyze and act.

NexusXplore is the leading open-source intelligence platform for advanced investigations.


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Enhance efficiencies in the collection and analysis of publicly available information through a single interface across surface, deep and dark web.


The platform is essential for intelligence analysts, researchers, investigators, security teams and others responsible for crisis monitoring, executive and brand protection, mis or disinformation research, and geopolitical risk assessment.

The NexusXplore advantage

Conduct searches in a low-attribution environment.

Trawl the surface, deep and dark webs in a single, secure interface.

Save time with AI-enabled search and collection.

Access real-time open-source information from multiple sources.

Spend less time searching, more time analysing and synthesising.


Used and trusted by defence, law enforcement, financial institutions, security agencies, Fortune 500 and ASX-listed companies worldwide. 

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Want to see how NexusXplore could be used in your line of work? Book a demo to find out. 

Not sure which OSINT tools or training are right for your organisation? Chat to our team about how we can help you achieve your outcomes. 

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