Mission Specific Courses

Corporate Profiling

The Corporate Profiling course teaches OSINT tools and techniques that can assist in revealing threats and vulnerabilities corporate entities and by extension, supply chains, face. 

Disinformation Investigations

During the Applied Disinformation course, you will be introduced to high-level concepts around information based strategies and then focus on practical skills of how disinformation spreads, how you can collect and analyse messaging campaigns in real-time & develop a methodology for validation and verification of online media.  

Dark Web

This dark web course is an intensive course that provides you with everything you need to know when accessing the dark web with concepts and techniques not taught in a comprehensive manner anywhere else.

SOCMINT exploitation in depth

In this course, you will learn how to conduct social media exploitation (SOCMINT) and how to synthesise social data points into meaningful trends and analysis. The course will also develop your skills in exploiting new social media platforms. 

Area and Event monitoring

The Area and Event course will focus on how a practitioner can target specific geographic areas for risk assessments and monitoring. This course teaches how to leverage "ground truths" and insights made accessible through social media and the wider internet. Then, how to refine collected information into a useable intelligence product that is accurate, relevant, and timely.