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Interactive Digital Training

Experience the perfect blend of flexibility and interactive learning through our Interactive Digital Training (IDT).

Develop your OSINT skills

An immersive online course for professionals enhancing their OSINT skills.


Blend self-paced learning with interactive live sessions for effective time management and real-time feedback.

Four key modules, filled with diverse learning resources and gamified activities.


The approach

Our IDT uses a flipped learning approach, a reversal of traditional education. Rather than introducing concepts in class, IDT introduces concepts via on-demand content, like pre-recorded videos or digital materials.


The live sessions are then dedicated to deepening understanding via instructor led activities, discussions and problem-solving. Hence, students arrive in class with pre-knowledge of the topic, ready for deeper engagement.

Each week will have a dedicated topic, with the on-demand content provided on Monday, and the live session delivered on Thursday (AEST)


Our next IDT course

Practical OSINT Skills

Understand online attribution and apply operational security methodology to open source information collection.

Acquire the essential skills for effective online searching, including the use of advanced tools and resources.

Develop the ability to conduct thorough person of interest and entity investigations, including methods for uncovering, analysing, and interpreting relevant online data.

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