Open Source Information Collection, Analysis and Production

Our Advanced Open Source Intelligence Course is a comprehensive training package aimed at researchers, investigators, law enforcement, government, military & decision support personnel. We teach you how to use advanced methods & techniques to collect, analyse & produce high quality open source intelligence & support your mission.


Our techniques expand on regular OSINT programs by ensuring all actions are nested within a strategic context so the information can be turned into actionable intelligence. We focus heavily on creating repeatable success by teaching the "what" & "how" to give a depth of knowledge that will prepare you for future changes & challenges in the OSINT environment and reduce the reliance on third party tools.


Additionally, we go beyond standard OSINT courses by teaching you how to leverage AI for tasks such as facial recognition & sentiment analysis without requiring technical skills and how to incorporate advanced tool-sets into your workflows to create significant efficiencies & scale.

Key skills delivery:

Intelligence cycle & OSINT:

  • Introduction to the intelligence cycle,

  • Roles and responsibilities of OSINT

  • Limitations

  • Moral & ethical conduct


OSINT Attribution & Tools Introduction:

  • TOR, VPN, Maltego, Snipping/Recording Tools, introduction to attribution, walk-through of bookmark stack, when to use TOR and when not appropriate

Collection Sources & Reporting Tools:

  • Overview of the major collection sources for OSINT

  • Platforms, documents, people, web, media

  • Purpose, limitation and expected outputs for each platform

Event Monitoring:

  • Investigate events across multiple platforms in real-time.

  • Configure email & RSS based alerting for event triggers.

  • Profile attendees and identify potential threats


Corporate Profiling:

  • Advanced LinkedIn Searching

  • Illuminate corporate structures

  • Identify key leadership

  • Explore corporate friction points and threats

  • Explore technical artefacts for a business and points of exposure


Person of Interest Collection 1:

  • Advanced Google Searching

  • Reverse Image Searching

  • Advanced Facebook Searching

  • Facebook Link Analysis

  • Dump site exploring


Person of Interest Collection 2:

  • Advanced Twitter Searching

  • Instagram Googling & Exploitation

  • Instagram Link Analysis

  • Twitter Link Analysis

  • Contact validation (Email addresses)

  • Telegram Searching

  • Advanced Foursquare searching & account correlation

  • Advanced YouTube profiling & geo-monitoring

  • Vkontakte Searching


Advanced Mapping Tools:

  • Use advanced mapping tools to compare maps

  • Generate personal data sets relative to an event and log

  • Collect and analyse current imagery including SAT imagery

Area of Interest Monitoring:

  • Conduct live area of interest monitoring across Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Google, Flikr, VK & Area Trending Topics

  • Conduct detailed country threat assessments including social, political, economic, health and threat actors

Artificial Intelligence for OSINT

  • Facial recognition & analysis using free tools

  • Text analysis for sentiment & psychological profiling

Data Mining:

  • Data scraping on the fly to support collection efforts

  • Methodical collection using browser and command line tools for data collection

  • Big data analysis using Gephi

  • Build multiple Google Custom Search engines specific to your requirements for information collection


Dark Web & Cryptocurrency:

  • Data scraping on the fly to support collection efforts

  • Understand attribution, information spillage & information on the Dark Web

  • Learn how to track cryptocurrency transactions and correlate to people

What do you need?​

  • We cater for all skill levels. Contact us with any enquiries
  • BYO Laptop however we can supply on request


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