Remote Intelligence Desk

Operational Support On-Demand


Our Remote Intelligence Desk (RID) service is designed to be activated on-demand based on your operational requirements. We provide real-time and continuous OSINT support during your operational windows so you can stay ahead of complex and evolving situations.

Our service includes collection, analysis and real-time reporting sourced from open source information including Social Media, Deep Web and Surface Web. We strive to equip the customer with information relating to:

  • Areas of interest

  • Known events

  • Hot-spots

  • Key topics both local and global relevant to your operation

  • Social Media based persons of interest who present during an operation

  • Social Media based persons of interest known prior to an operation

  • Sentiment Analysis and trends on relevant topics

  • Facial Recognition using AI on-demand for known person identification in crowds (data stream dependant)

  • Feature extraction from imagery captured in the field using AI

  • Force Protection Alerting from Social Media triggers

  • Threat Tactics, Techniques and Procedures analysis in real-time from Social Media analysis


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