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Mission Specific Courses

Illuminating the Dark Web

The dark web is a hive of illegal activity which requires specialist skills to access and investigate safely and effectively. In this course, you will learn about different dark nets and attribution considerations. You will also look at how to configure your client to access, and safely search, monitor and investigate the Dark Web. Most importantly you will gain hands-on experience with accessing the dark web during the course. There will also be a short session introducing cryptocurrency including an overview, and tools in the open-source environment.

Disinformation: Detecting, Collecting and Analysing

Disinformation is false information deliberately created and spread to deceive and divide communities, with social media amplifying its impact. In this course, you will be introduced to high-level concepts around information-based strategies; however, the focus will be to how detect and identify disinformation sources and networks in online environments. You will learn and understand the strategic effect the 'actor' is trying to achieve, the operational approach, and the tactics used to achieve that strategy. We will show you effective ways in how to collect data, and most importantly, how to analyse that data. The primary platforms of interest to assess disinformation networks will be Twitter, Telegram and Facebook.

The OSINT Red Book:
Uncovering the Chinese Internet

Today, China is pursuing global influence which has led to the displacement of traditional western alliances, and confrontations with the U.S. and its allies over divergent strategic interests. China's activities on the global stage are supported by a technologically enabled military and security apparatus, strategically oriented domestic policy initiatives, and a flourishing academic community. To successfully navigate geopolitical ties with China we need to understand the country that China is today. OSINT helps us to develop a contemporaneous understanding of China’s politics, business, and cultural underpinnings. During this course, you will be introduced to the Chinese-speaking internet and understand country specific language searching. From there you will use OSINT to help you understand Chinese government institutions, the Chinese social media landscape, Chinese corporate data, and university networks. Chinese language skills are not required for this course, but we will explore the implications of conducting OSINT investigations in languages you do not speak.

OSINT in Counterintelligence

This two-day course is designed to provide intelligence and security professionals with an understanding of OSINT, and how OSINT tools and techniques can be applied to harden an organisation’s security posture. During this course, you will better understand ‘bad’ actors, and how to make capability assessments. This can range from physical threats and travel plans to Intellectual Property theft. From there, we will explore the available information that could be gathered against your organisation and begin to consider the steps that can be taken to make exploitation of that information difficult. The key focus of the course is learning how to apply OSINT in regard to social media, economic espionage and corporate profiling, cyber threats, and malicious insiders.

OSINT for Effective Cyber Security Programs

Cybercriminals use the online environment to communicate, exchange tools, share information, buy, and sell data. This makes OSINT a rich source of information, that once analysed can use to predict, identify, and protect organisations and individuals against cyber threats. This course will provide you a fundamental understanding how OSINT tools and techniques can be applied to harden a cybersecurity posture. You will delve into the tools, methodologies and information repositories that can be used to identify and mitigate cyber security threats. The course will also cover OSINT in incident response and guidance on how to build OSINT into cyber security policy frameworks.

The Art of Open Source Intelligence Analysis

Intelligence analysis is necessary for creating decision advantage-move beyond only collecting information to knowing how to interpret it, derive meaning and action insights. In this course, you will be introduced to the fundamental principles of intelligence analysis in an open-source context. You will learn about the role and purpose of open-source intelligence, and how the processing and analysis of information becomes intelligence. It will also teach you to: identify and evaluate sources of information; think critically about intelligence and business problems; and identify and apply appropriate structured analytical techniques to best address those problems.

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