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OSINT Combine helps you find, understand and act using open source information


Find People, Places & Information



Focused on Your Success

We teach you a proven methodology for achieving repeatable success. We help you define the why, what and how to achieve your objectives and mission success in the world of open source intelligence. This means we teach you which tools to use and what techniques and procedures to apply so that they align with the why. The so what is that all our training is relevant and aligns to your mission.


Unfortunately many open source intelligence training programs focus on the tools only. They focus on "find a person on Facebook using a phone number" or "identify social networks from a username". These are techniques or simple use of tools only. While you may walk away with knowing how to use the tools it isn't nested in how to best achieve a task. OSINT Combine courses are designed and delivered by experts with years working in Special Operations, Military and Law Enforcement environments. We believe in training you to walk away knowing to achieve your task with confidence.


Our techniques are taught by staff with years of experience in Special Operations, Military and Law Enforcement environments. We know what works and we don't waste your time with what doesn't. We are results driven and want you to walk away with valuable skills and the confidence to apply them.


While  our established courses aimed at three different target groups (security orientated groups, corporate orientated groups and individuals), we are flexible and can create a modular and custom course design to suite your needs. Contact us today to talk through what you want to achieve and we'll be more than happy to help.


At OSINT Combine we believe in a holistic learning experience. When you finish one of our courses we will keep you updated with changes in technology, techniques and new tools so that you can continue to apply our training long after the course finishes at no ongoing cost.


Unlock Your Capabilities

OSINT Combine's staff have an extensive background in Military and Law Enforcement training & operations both domestically and overseas. We pride ourselves on delivering the most advanced and relevant training available which aims to stay ahead of the competition by delivering world class open source intelligence programs and software solutions

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