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Advanced OSINT Course

Enhanced OSINT Investigations (EOI) Course

A four-day comprehensive training package targeted at investigators, analysts, corporate intelligence, media journalists and anyone those interested in taking their OSINT skills to the next level. As with all our training offerings, our instructors will first teach theory and context, then demonstrate easy-to-follow techniques, and allow all participants to undertake practical activities to cement learnings.


You will gain a deeper understanding of OSINT, preparing you for future challenges and changes in the online environment, and reduce the reliance on third party tools.


The course is designed for people that have a grasp on basic OSINT concepts. The key learning outcomes for the course include:

- Social Media Searching and Cross Platform Social Network Analysis

- Image Analysis and Geolocation

- Event and Area Awareness

- Corporate Profiling, including Website Investigations

- An Introduction to Investigating the Deep Web, the Dark Web and Cryptocurrency

The course timings are 0900 to 1600 AEDT (UTC + 11). 

Our Training Team

The OSINT Combine training team is led by our Head of Training, Jacob Hunter.


Jacob held several roles at Victoria Police including Victim Identification Specialist with the Joint Anti Child Exploitation Team, and he was a Senior Instructor of Open-Source Investigations. Jacob began his intelligence career in the Australian Army.

Jemma is our Senior OSINT Training Specialist, with extensive experience as an intelligence analyst, and has held various cyber roles in the intelligence community. Jemma has delivered OSINT training and development for several Australian Government Agencies.

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