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Our Advanced Open Source Intelligence Course (AOC) is an open door, intensive four day comprehensive package aimed at investigators, analysts, corporate intelligence, media journalists and anyone interested in taking their OSINT (Open Source Intelligence) knowledge and skills to the next level.  

Entirely focused on free tools and resources, this course teaches you how to plan, collect, process, analyse and produce high quality reporting based on proven methodology.

This course will be run virtually. Please see scheduled dates below or register your interest. Alternatively, download our brochure for additional information.  

We have designed and developed the four-day course to take you from a limited knowledge base, to be a competent OSINT practitioner. To do this, our instructors will first teach theory and context, then demonstrate easy-to-follow techniques, and allow all participants to undertake practical activities to cement learnings.


The key skills learnt will be:  

  • Social Media Searching and Cross Platform Social Network Analysis 

  • Image Analysis and Geolocation

  • Corporate Profiling, including Website Investigations  

  • Area of Interest Monitoring & Events 

  • Introduction to Investigating the Deep Web, the Dark Web and Cryptocurrency 

Our techniques expand on regular OSINT programs by ensuring all actions are nested within a strategic context. This means that the information that we collect can be turned into actionable intelligence.  

We focus heavily on creating repeatable success by teaching the "what" & "how" to give a greater depth of knowledge. This will prepare you for future changes & challenges in the OSINT operating environment and reduce the reliance on third party tools.  

We also run variations of this course routinely as closed-door sessions for organisations (see our tailored course offerings). Please reach out to our training team discuss further. 


Our Trainer

Jacob Hunter is the Head of Training and Tradecraft at OSINT Combine. Jacob was previously employed by Victoria Police and a member of the Joint Anti Child Exploitation Team, in Melbourne Victoria. Here, Jacob worked as a Victim Identification Specialist. This work was very investigative focussed with a large portion of the work involving OSINT to locate and identify victims and offenders. Jacob's previous roles included being a Senior Instructor of Open Source Investigations at Victoria Police, and five years service with the Australian Army.