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Advanced Tailored Course

We would like to thank you for the opportunity to develop a custom-made training program for your organisation. This form is designed to gain some understanding on the content you are interested in covering during the course.  To guide you, below is a summary of all the content we can cover by module and the individual sessions the form that module; and duration provides both an estimate and flexibility to our course offerings.  A tailored course would usually run over 5 days and be around 40 hours worth of content.


1: Open-Source Intelligence Fundamentals (1-4  hours)

  • Introduction to OSINT 

  • planning and direction 

  • collection, processing and exploitation 

  • analysis and production 

  • reporting and Integration 


2: OSINT Attribution & Tradecraft (up to 3 hours)

  • Introduction to ICT 

  • technical attribution 

  • developing an OSINT platform 

3: Information Searching Essentials (6 hours)

  • Advanced google searching 

  • country specific resources 

  • username correlation 

  • reverse image searching 

  • contact validation 

  • people search engines 

4: Person of Interest Searching (up to 8 hours)

  • Mainstream platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and Pinterest) 

  • non-western platforms (Vkontakte and TikTok) 

  • professional platforms (LinkedIn) 

  • gaming platforms (Discord and Twitch) 

  • non-mainstream platforms (Reddit, 4Chan, Quora, GitHub, Gab, MeWe, Parler, BitChute) 

5: Social Network Analysis (1-2 hours)

Cross platform social network analysis


6: Australian OSINT (1 hour)

Australian data sources 

7: Corporate Profiling (3 hours) 

  • company structures and networks 

  • technical artefacts 

  • domain enumeration and visualisation 

  • trade activity 

8: Area of Interest Monitoring & Events (up to 4 hours)

  • finding, investigating, and monitoring events via social media  

  • collecting information from CCTV 

  • transport monitoring by land, air and sea 

  • alerts and triggers for events; and, 

  • geospatial tools (advanced mapping)

9. Area Assessment (2 hours)

  • informational terrain (social and mainstream informational flow) 

  • human terrain (political actors and threat actors) 

  • health impacts; and,  

  • NGO activity 

10: The Deep Web (1 hour)

  • Telegram 

  • WhatsApp 


11: The Dark Web (2-4 hours)

  • introduction and attribution 

  • services, searching and monitoring 

  • network and client configuration 


12: Cryptocurrency (1 hour)

Cryptocurrency monitoring 

13: TTPs (1 hour)

  • Tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTP) Analysis 

  • TTP collection from Paste Sites 

14: Advanced OSINT Techniques (4 hours) 

  • Data mining & OSINT at scale 

  • using AI for OSINT 

15: Sock Puppets (2-3 hours)

Development of sock puppet profiles 

16: Applied Disinformation (2-6 hours)

  • Disinformation primer 

  • actor intent & capability 

  • validating & verifying 

  • analysis of troll bot networks 

17: Image and Video Analysis using OSINT (6 hours)

  • image and video meta-data 

  • image analysis techniques including image modification  

  • video analysis tools  

  • applying search engine techniques 

  • geolocation, geospatial referencing, time calculations 

18. Summative Assessment (4 hours)

Long form practical session aligned to thematic theme of tailored course

Tailor your Course

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